About us

First of all, welcome to sochsoch. 

So, who are we? Well, we are a family run business born from a place we love and the things we love doing.  As is often the way, free time is a limited resource so the things we do are about making us feel happy, both as a family and as individuals. 

We love the outdoors as it’s a never-ending playground - beaches, mountains, forests... the list goes on. As are the things you can do there - run, sail, surf, bike, hike... Add to the mix some good music and good friends and you can’t help but smile. 

For us these are the all-important ingredients for getting your happyDNA right... those activities and places that make you smile both inside and outside.  

And it’s this happyDNA that’s sits at the core of sochsoch. It’s about getting a positive life balance, which is something we want to promote and inspire through our clothing range. 

Finally, as we view the outside as a good friend, sustainability is also important to us. So where we can, we try and make the right decisions, it’s why we print on demand - there is no waste.  We also have plastic free packaging, use eco friendly inks and have an extensive organic range that carries the GOTS organic standards certification. It’s a journey though, but one we will strive and continue to improve our efforts upon. 

So that’s sochsoch.  That’s who we are and that’s why we like to say our clothing is made from smiles, for smiles. 

What makes up your happyDNA? 

Happy Adventures 

The sochsoch Family