Run, well just because...

Sound familiar?

So that nagging voice in your head is getting louder, you know the one, it’s always upbeat, full of energy and promises the world. 

It talks a great talk and when its talking it’s got you convinced you are just a whisker away from embarking upon a fitness regime that’s going to lead directly to athletic utopia, a world where you will be the envy of your friends and a role model to every wannabe couch potato.

But the moment passes and all the barriers arrive, don’t have the time, don’t have the money, I’ll start tomorrow… but tomorrow never comes and you are left again with that nagging voice, quelled for now but just waiting to rear its head once more.

Everyone has that voice and everyone at some point has put it off until tomorrow.

So, inspiration time. Run.

It’s simple, it’s cheap and it’s waiting outside your front door.

You can do a little to start and then just build to what works for you.  It’s as simple as putting on a pair of trainers, getting outside… right foot, left foot, lengthen your stride, Increase your speed and you are running my friend you are running!

Welcome to the endorphin rich satisfying world of what in the seventies was known as jogging.

The great thing about running is you can do it anytime and anywhere, it fits in with you. 

Here comes even more inspiration.  See what’s waiting for you.

Running on the beach…

A beach is pretty amazing anyway, but there isn’t much better than an early morning run along a deserted sandy beach.  With the sun on your back and to the soundtrack of rolling waves you soak up a horizon that quite simply is just good for the soul.

Running at sunrise…

You need to be up early for this one and wearing a running head torch as well, however seeing the first glimpse of dawn as the light begins to escape through the keyhole of a new day is not only spectacular but also the best way to stop feeling tired.

Running  in the winter…

The idea of running in winter puts some people off, but grab your winter running gear and embrace it – this country has stunning scenery and a sharp frost can transform a regular country path to a magical winter wonderland. Who wouldn’t want to make the first footprints of the day running through Narnia?

Running for me time…

Sounds odd but a 30 minute run is  the perfect way to escape the trials and tribulations of life, random cold calls, crying babies, WhatsApp alerts, poor wifi and Brexit

Running your first race event…

There is something quite unique and special about lining up at the start of a running event, it’s a place where for a moment in time you are all sharing with others a sport you do 99.9% of the time on your own.  It’s where nervous energy meets a feeling of individual collectiveness you’ll never feel elsewhere.  Then you are off.  It’s now all adrenaline and euphoria as you feed off the spectators and the single organism of runners you are now part of. Trust me, Try it.