It's a kind of magic...

So you’re all set,

wetsuits – check,

bodyboards – check,

that all important beach snack – check.

In the back of the car it all goes, beach and rolling waves here you come.

You park up, all hands on deck to help carry the gear as you excitedly walk down the path to the beach.

Hello adrenaline filled afternoon!

As you rise over the dunes you look down to the shoreline and the waves are…

…flat as a pancake.

If only you had Magic Seaweed. No not in the literal sense, its not some secret surfer legend akin to a magic lamp that will grant you three wishes.  No this is a fantastic app, which if playing in the surf is your thing then you really should have on your phone.

A quick glance at the app will tell you in advance what the surf conditions will be like at the beach you are visiting. In the free version you can see the forecast up to seven days ahead, it tells you the surf and swell size as well as wind speed.  All of this information is then broken down into three parts of the day, 6am, Noon and 6pm.

It not only lets you know the best days to hit the surf but also the best time of day.  So at your fingertips you can now for ever more avoid the flat pancake disappointment and appear like a pro by turning up just as the waves start to get going.  

Then as they start to subside you can get round to that all important post boarding beach snack.  My personal recommendation being hotdogs off a gas burner.


Also download the app