Two top tips for getting some at a festival…

…sleep that is!

We love a festival - we love the music, we love the camping, we love the food and we love experiencing it all with friends and family,

But we also love sleep.

And guess what… festivals generally don’t mean sleep.

Unless however you do these two things…

Fix 1 – Daylight

The sun being out is something you pray for in the run up to a festival, no one wants a wet festival, the sun is your friend.  But at 5.30am in the morning while sleeping under canvas the sun is a friend to no one.

After one particularly sunny morning when it felt brighter inside the tent than outside, one of us questioned why on earth there aren’t black out tents?  An immediate google later and guess what… there are. Well there are tents with black out sleeping PODS, but same difference.

After this revelation we’ve never looked back. It is an expensive fix but it was time for us to replace our tent anyway, so the take out here is more be aware that this Area 51 technology exists when you do come to replace your own tent.  The interim option is an eye mask.

Fix 2 – Sound

A slightly easier fix this one and also significantly cheaper.  But first the problem. 

It doesn’t matter what life stage you are at but at some point during your festival adventure you will be wanting to go to sleep.  Be it day or night, be it thumping bass of the dance tent or the clanking of breakfasting campers, there will be sounds that you don’t want to hear.

Why its something we’d never thought of before we have no idea. For some of you reading this it may be a no-brainer that you’ve been doing for years.  For the rest, please share the epiphany moment.

Ear plugs. 

Wow. What a difference they made, just take a few pairs – its easy to lose one into the depths of a sleeping bag. It’s also amusing to wake up next to someone with one stuck to their forehead.

So that’s it, two nuggets that have added an extra spring into our festival step that only two hours of extra sleep can do. We are so Rock’ n ‘Roll.